Sunday, July 4, 2010

Turn for the better.

I haven't posted many Blogs lately about my poker stories for 2 reasons.
1. I haven't been playing as much
2. When I have been playing, I been getting crushed :(

In the last 4 or 5 sessions I really started a different style and it seems to be working. not seeing so many flops just because of "Pot Odds" So many times I see people coming in with 10 8 off suit and 10 , 10 hits the board or 8 , 8 and you think you are good. Then you go all in and get snap called by the guy who has Ace 10 or Ace 8.

I have been sitting back and playing my cards. Playing a decent selection of cards and making moves when I feel it is the right time and I have been right "All The Time" lately with my reads. When I execute a bluff, it works out because I had the right read.

The "Turn" cards have been good cards for me lately. This is a crucial card for most good players. If you see a flop and you have decent cards , you should be in to see a turn card. I also been taking control of the pot when I think I have the best hand even if I do not have top pair on the board.
If your hand improves on the turn, you will see another card for the right price. I also been making bigger bets on the Turn because I see one too many times, someone calls for the right odds on the river and catches a 4 outer - Ugghh

I will continue with my current style and see if it helps.

Last 4 tournaments I played at the Home game, I won 2 and finished 3rd in the other 2 cashing in all 4.

The aggressive play early on is paying off.
Many people are very tight in tournaments especially in the beginning.

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