Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Bad run of Cards

Even though my back was hurting me on Wednesday night , I went our for a bit to play.
We played Hold Em , Crazy Pineapple and Omaha.
I get into a BIG hand with Anthony. I always seem to get into BIG hands with him.
I have A,K,J,9
The flop comes out 10, Q , 9 rainbow - So I have the nuts. with J K and I check so there is a BET, Anthony raises , I call and the other guy folds.
Turn is a K so now there is 2 hearts on the board, I check Anthony bets , I pot it with my Nut Straight.
Anthony reraises me.
Im thinking - He better already have the nuts with me and not a heart draw
So we are both all in and sure enough a Heart on the river

Anthony says. Now I really got you - He had AKQJ 2 hearts
His hand was a MONSTER - I would never WIN that hand
I can only tie or lose
and I lost

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