Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday April 17th

What a crazy cash game. This was not my normal game. I was invited down by a good friend that I actually just hired for my company. He is a great sales agent.
Anthony told me that it would be a small cash game. Like $40 - $100 buy ins
I am used to $300 - $1000 buy in so I knew I would be playing with non seasoned players.

I brought a case of Corona's and some potato chips.
I meet Vic. He is a great guy. He is getting a business of his own going so we chatted for a bit about business. One of my favorite topics other then poker, women and cars :)

2 more people showed up. Jeff and Noah. These guys were cool but characters for sure. Noah brought a half bottle of Merlot. haha - What was he thinking ?Where was he coming from?
Jeff looked like he was already drunk and after the first hand of Omaha I knew he had NO CLUE!!

So , the game got started. Dealers choice - NL H/E, PLO Hi or PINEAPPLE Hi. I never played pineapple so I was excited about playing that.

First hand Omaha , Jeff raises and everyone calls "Typical" I have jj98 - 2 spades
Flop is 10, Q, 4 2 spades. I bet , Jeff raised,everyone else folds , I call . Next card is a 5 of club. No help to me. I check , Jeff checks. Last card was a 7 of club. I miss everything. Jeff checks so I thought he missed everything so I bet $10 and he min raised me $10.
Normally when someone does that , they have the nuts.
Well , I folded because I had all types of misses and he showed pocket aces - That's it ???
I said to myself ???
I can't wait to the next hand

Well, Next hand , I lose and then the third I lose - haha I am down $80 against these guys. I thought I was a better poker player

Then I get another hand beat - Set over Set.
Now I know I need to start reading better.
I toned down a little and made about $200 then I get into the hand of the night

Omaha - I have 3349 - Flop 3,4,9 rainbow. I am pretty sure I have the best cards here . Chances of someone holding the only 2 44 or 99 is rare.
There are 2 hearts by the way. So Noah bets the pot. I raise to $35. Frank "came later" calls and Noah re raises all in for about $40 more. I call and Frank thinks and thinks and thinks and thinks and of coarse the amateur only looks at the money in the pot and not what he is actually holding and calls.
Now its me and him.
The turn is a A Hearts. Great - There goes the flush. I knew they both had draws and both having flush draws made my hand better.
The fact that the heart came and the board did not pair, I was pretty dead.
He goes all in for $55 and I have to call with the "Pot Odds"
They both turn flushes over and they look at me like " flip your cards" lol I said this is a cash game. I am not flipping yet. I dont care whos rules. River was a 10 and I lose
I muck my cards in a bit of frustration glancing at both of them gloat when they collect my money.

Long story short, I only lose $29 all night but should have won about $500 or $600

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Game on Friday

I was very excited to play on Friday but the game was canceled. Boo Hoo
I had my game face ready for Barbra. She thinks I am a bad cash game player. hehe I will show her.
Last Sunday was a great session winning $375.
Lets hope the game is on for this Sunday
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